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Dongguan Guansee Artificial Landscape Co., Ltd.
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Guangdong, China
מוצרים עיקרייםעצים מלאכותיים/עלים מלאכותיים/קיר צמח מלאכותי/צמחי בונסאי מלאכותיים, קיר פרחים מלאכותי
דירוג מס'2 רבי מכר בעצים מלאכותייםFull customizationAnnual export US $1,150,000Total staff (51)ODM services available

Jane Su
Kate Liu
Bella Chen
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Dongguan Guansee Artificial Plants Co.,Ltd

Located in Dongguan city ,Guangdong province China and is specialized in developing and manufacturing artificial plants for indoor and outdoor decorations.In China, we have undertaken many overall artificial landscapes project from the government, real estate enterprises, large shopping malls, and parks.Our strength and service have received unanimous praise from customers.Our company has over 12 years of professional industry production experience and 8 years of foreign trade export experience,We have a professional design team and production team.Our main products are large artificial blossom tree ,olive tree, palm tree,fruit trees, flower wall, plant wall, green topiary/sculptures, bonsai etc. Excellent quality products with competitive price.If you have your own design or ideas, We will apply it to product production. Welcome to Guansee!